Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Weekend

A time to remember................A time to make memories

I'm getting excited for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend.  I'm going to a very special wedding.  My aunt and uncle are getting married!  Well, re-married that is.  They're actually celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary and to mark this milestone, they're going to renew their wedding vows with a church ceremony.  They did not get to do all the fun crazy traditional wedding stuff when they were young and first married so better late than never, right?  There will be a traditional wedding with reception to follow and for me, the best part is a long overdue family reunion.  I can never get enough of my Mom's siblings and all of my great cousins that I grew up with.  Such a fun bunch of people!

My old digital camera is acting up but hopefully I'll get some fun pictures of the weekend and post next week.

So, do tell....................what are you planning for this Memorial weekend?