Saturday, September 5, 2009

Say it on your tombstone.................

I woke up way to early this morning, so with a cup of coffee by my side, I decided to catch up on some of my favorite blogs. Jean's blog ( ), always chock full of interesting things posted about this sign generator. It's a riot. You can make warning signs, street signs, even your own tombstone. Want to make your own? Go here:

I think I should put the tombstone idea in my Will so when I die I'll save my family from the decision of what to put on my tombstone.

My sewing room definitely needs cleaning up and organizing. Anybody out there for hire?

Ok, I'm done playing now. Mostly, I've finished the pot of coffee..........



  1. Those are way cool... I'm off to make my own now. Who needs sleep anyway?

  2. I love it!!! I didn't see the tombstone or warning sign...better go back and look.