Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday To-Do lists................!  Semester finals are over.  I thought they'd never end.  One Prof. decided to add just one more exam that we weren't expecting and our recent snow cancelled classes for a couple of days, delaying my scheduled finals.  But, finally, it's over.  Well, till January that is. Now for some serious fun. 

I 've barely begun checking off items on my project lists for Christmas. This is what I'm working on this week.   I have tons of them to make. I started out planning to make just a couple for Christmas gifts.   Then friends showed them off to other friends and my list grew quickly.  I was very surprised to find out that a lot of people haven't even heard of these microwave potato bags. I guess I've had one for so long, I thought they were a kitchen staple by now.  So, I'm surrounded by potato fabric at the moment.   And if you're like me and keep adding people to your gift list at the last minute, check out my Etsy shop and pick up a couple potato bags. They make a fun but practicle and inexpensive gift. I've been making these large bags that hold a few large roasting potatoes but I'm about to make some smaller, for those single people in our lives.  I love them, they sure make a quick and healthy meal for lunch.

 I'm even giving a few to some of my elderly neighbors.  I have an older gentleman across the street that lost his wife about a year ago.  He is now learning how to cook a few simple dishes for the first time in his life.  Quite a trooper, this guy.   Another neighbor and I are taking turns teaching him a new dish each week.  We're trying to stay away from the stove as he does tend to get side-tracked and forget things, sooooooooo, the microwave and crockpot meals have been a Godsend for him and us.  And one of his favorites has always been roasted potatoes.  So these micro-wave bags are great.  We've just introduced him to adding toppings to his baked potatoes and making a good healthy meal with them.   According to Kenneth, "I never knew you could put something other than butter and sour cream on a potato".

So, that's what I'm up to this week.  How about you?  Are you checking projects off your holiday gift list?  I'll show you more of my list soon.  ASAP, hopefully.