Monday, August 3, 2009

Now for some fun...........

So sorry to be absent. Who would have thought just two college courses would take up so much time. But, the summer session is over and I have a few weeks before Fall classes begin so now's time for something way more fun. I also finished hand quilting the two railfence quilts and they are in their new home. Why don't I post pictures? well, I was so excited to be finished with them both (I rarely do two of the same anything so this was a challenge dealing with boredom) so, I hurriedly delivered them and only remembered later that I hadn't taken final pics. But I was pleased with their results and so was their owner. So, new fun!

Several years ago I purchased the Dear Jane software to go along with my Electric Quilt software and haven't touched the DJ since. (
But a week ago or so, I stumbled across a DJ blog. (I love stumbling upon blogs I've never read before.) Check out Karen's blogs to see her DJ journey and all of her other great projects. She's very inspiring. So inspiring, I began my DJ journey this weekend.

Karen's Dear Jane:
Karen's other projects:

I completed my first three blocks and can't wait to do more. I'm using fabrics from my civil war repro's stash and plan to make my DJ quilt as similar to Jane Stickle's quilt as possible. Just to see if I can, you know?

My goal:

I'll post my progress as I go along. Lets see how many blocks I can get done before classes begin again.........

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