Sunday, February 1, 2009

Funky Chickens

Had to show off my new chicken quilt or soon to be quilt. I belong to a lovely group of women quilters and stash collectors called the BlottoBabes. We play a monthly blotto or I should say lotto. Each month one gal chooses a particular quilt block pattern, eveyone makes one or as many blocks as she chooses, sends them to the hostess and she then chooses one or more winners by drawing names. So fun. Every once in awhile, we get tired of that game and do a group project like a RoundRobin or in this case a Row x Row. We divided into groups of about 6 or 7 and each person in the group chooses a theme for "her" quilt, makes one row and mails it to another in the group, that person adds a row to coordinate with the original row and sends it on, etc. Well, this has been a year long project and I recently received my finished rows. Wow! I think this is my new favorite quilt. I love chickens, all kinds of chickens. Love the homespun country look, too. So, here are some shots of my funky chicken quilt before I get started quilting on it. And what a wonderful treasure to have blocks made especially for me by my quilty buddies.

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