Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just a little whining............

I just spent some really fun time surfing thru different blogs. You meet the most interesting people that way, not to can learn stuff.

But I am discovering something annoying to me. Music! Don't get me wrong, I love music, love to listen to music when I'm sewing, when I'm driving, when I'm doing dishes, anytime. But not when I'm up in the wee hours on the computer and surfing blogs. They are annoying! Especially when you check out the individual posts on a blog or even a retail website. The music starts over again on each page. Does anyone else find this annoying?

I have one of those monitors with the built in speakers so if I want to change the volume(it's a cheapo)I have to get in and find the setting, turn the sound down, then change it again later(because, sometimes I watch videos and podcasts and I need the sound). And, last but not least, seems the volume is different on each website. You know, like tv commercials?

Am I alone on this?


  1. I agree, because if I can't sleep and click on a blog and don't realize that my sons have the volume turned jolts my husband awake and then I feel sheepish.

  2. I just leave my computer sound turned off. If I didn't, every time I turned it on I'd jump a foot with the noise.....

  3. I agree too. I keep almost all sounds turned off all the time. I think it should be my choice if my computer is going to make noises.

    Besides, how can I sneak off to read blogs at work if the music gives the game away?

  4. Yes, theres that, too. lol