Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've been trying my hand at a little trapunto lately. I've always loved the dimensional look and feel of it and anxious to try shadow trapunto, too.

Here's my first attempt, a sweet little yellow baby quilt. I think I should have quilted closer but I like it.


  1. WEll, thank you, Tom. I consider that high praise from someone as multi-talented as yourself.

  2. Chris, I just LITERALLY stumbled across your blog (this particular page in fact). Your work is STUNNING! I can NOT IMAGINE the HOURS that it took to complete this. (looking at it leaves me feeling like it must have been HUNDREDS of hours!) It also reminds me how "odd" we human creatures are. Although I'm not known for being a patient person by ANY stretch of the imagination, I make very intricate handmade beaded jewelry with VERY tiny beads. Many of the beads I use are smaller than the head of a pin you use on your quilts while making them, less than a millimeter in size! I not only find it enjoyable, but very relaxing. And yup!, the beads are hand sewn together ONE bead at a time! AND YET . . . I would not only be bald, I would be ABSOLUTELY stark raving MAD if I had to sit and stitch each one of those stitches onto that quilt one stitch at a time, even if it were done on a sewing machine for that matter! I simply can't do it! I do NOT have the patience for it! I've tried it. In fact, I have all the pieces of a quilt that I started 20 years ago for my mom. She'll NEVER see it! I never even got past just cutting out all of the pieces! And yet, I can sit and stitch together teeny tiny little beads! GO FIGURE! I SO WISH I could do what you do! EVEN IF it didn't come out as BEAUTIFUL as yours, I'd just be so happy to be able to do it! . . .SO impressive!