Friday, January 2, 2009

Muscatine on the Mississippi River

Good morning! I'm Pam, the other half of MadCreekDesigns. We've been sewing and crafting together for, for....forever! One of our favorite things, when we were younger, was to stay up all night (or as late as we could) sewing or crafting together on New Year's Eve. Chris moved away for 25 years, so we got out of the habit. She's back now and we forgot to try to stay up late on New Year's Eve! Maybe next year!

We love it when someone needs a blanket or a needy group could use a quilt or comforter to auction off for a good cause. We love good causes and we'll whip together something warm within a day or two. OK, they haven't been the prettiest things we've done, but they work just fine.

We also love to make scrappy quilts because we, or at least me/I, have a problem throwing good fabric away. We are always hunting for scrappy quilt patterns. Do you have a favorite one to share with us? Please do!

Our goal is to take one day next week and get started on a scrappy Funky Star quilt that Chris found. It's a 4 pointed star, using scraps, no 2 of the points are the same size or color. The one we saw used an off-white plain fabric for the background. I have some bright old squares I'd like to use up, if Chris is ok with that. I mean bright pink, bright green, turquoise, orange, black, oh my! Sounds like a good quilt for a teenager. But we hope to get it started during the first week of January 2009. Let's see if we can get enough days together to finish it in 2009.

I think one of our goals is to have enough scrappy quilts made to donate to our homeless shelter before Christmas 2009. Our homeless shelter, Muscatine Center for Strategic Action, MCSA, has a program to get the homeless into a home. It helps them find a job, find an apartment, teaches to finance your money and eat healthy, and helps them have the essentials to move into their apartment. We could supply a blanket to each individual getting a new start in life! Is there anyone in the Muscatine area that would like to help us in this endeavor? We'd love to hear from you! ~Pam

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