Monday, January 12, 2009

My black bag.............

Here's my bag that I carry everyday. I can get tons of stuff in this baby. I love prairie points, too. They dress up the ugliest things, don't they?

Do you get the idea that I like black and white yet? I think I have since I was a kid. When I was a teen, my mother finally trusted me enough to decorate my own room. Well, that was in the late 60's, pop culture was in full swing, op art, Beatles music, the Mod Squad and The Monkeys were my favorite tv shows.

I had a nice big bulletin board, the kind you can push pins into so I started by drawing an optical illusion onto it and then painted it black and white. Hard to describe in words, sure wish I had a picture. Anyway, from there I purchased this really cool bedspread with my babysitting money. It was black of course and had an alligator texture. Get this! It was vinyl. Yes, vinyl. Not to cozy at all but I thought it was the coolest thing ever. Well, Mom wasn't that thrilled with it nor the black and white color scheme. So she introduced a little color into my world. For which I'm eternally grateful. We painted the walls this beautiful celery green and I've never been able to reproduce or find the exact shade since. I do believe it's imprinted on the back of my eyeballs, I still look for that green today. And my curtains were burnt orange. Now burnt orange and avocado green were very popular back then, remember? But I hated those colors. THEN! I thought they were "old lady" colors. But today, I love them. Put one of those into a boring quilt and WOW! They're your zingers. THANKS, MOM!

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