Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bags, Bags and more bags........

I love bags, all sorts of bags. Here's an adorable but practicle bag I stumbled upon at etsy this morning. I'm always tossing little trash on the floor of my car, saying to myself, I'll clean that up when I get home. Or I keep a few plastic shopping type bags in the car for cleaning up and they look atrocious. Here's a great solution from The Mod Mobile-Modern Accessories for your Automobile by Allyson Hill.

I like the looks of her straps. You can customize them to fit your car and where you want the bag to hang. You might want a couple of these, front seat, back seat. Check them out at


  1. I am also a bag lover. I've looked at these many times. They do look great - a lot better than the plastic grocery bag I have hanging in my car.

  2. Ok, so it looks like I read your e-mail was marked unread in my etsy account so I assumed I never responded. Thanks again!