Sunday, March 1, 2009

Old is new again.............

Pam and I went on a little shopping trip a few days ago to a second hand shop. We bought sweaters. Lots and lots of sweaters. Wool sweaters to be exact. I bet you can guess what we're doing with them. Right! We're trying our hand at felting and upcycling. With some experimentation, it's turning out to be a fun project. It's amazing to see how the yarn changes as it's washed and dryed.

Pam tried one in her washer and dryer first while I was trying a technique I read somewhere, sorry, I can't remember where. But it was suggested washing by hand in a bucket or container, using a potato masher or other object to knead the sweater. Well, let me tell you, that's a lot of work, not to mention, it's HOT water you're using. So, my results at first try were something to be desired for all the time and effort. It was felting but not nearly enough. So into the washer it went. First wash, ok but I wanted more so I ran it thru the washer and dryer twice. I can't believe how much it shrank. lol But it looks great.

Here's a picture of my final product from the sweater. A very pretty and sturdy purse. I didn't think to take a picture before or during my journey. I'll remember on the next one. I can't wait to do more. I think this could be addictive.

We'll be selling some of our bags in our etsy shop here,

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