Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More than just trapunto...............

A few weeks ago I showed you a baby trapunto quilt, my first trapunto project. Pretty common compared to what first gave me the itch to try trapunto. I'd like to share with you the inspiration that first triggered my first attempt at trapunto. I should say what and who. The who is, Geta. Geta is from Romania and a self taught quilter. She designs her own trapunto quilts and let me tell you, they are unique and extraordinary. I'm guessing you may have already begun seeing some of her work on the internet. I first became aware of Geta and her shadow trapunto quilts thru The Quilt Show website. If you'd like to learn more about Geta and trapunto, visit her sites. Geta's blog: Geta's Quilting Studio at
and Romanian Quilt Studio at http://romanianquiltstudio.com/

First take a moment to read Geta's profile. It's well worth the time as Geta really opens up and shares her life with us. Probably one of the most interesting blogging profiles I've read. It's a joy getting to know Geta more.

Today, you might be interested to see her blog about her first give-away. It's really something sweet and I plan to enter my name for a chance to win this beauty.

Next check out her work. You'll see links to her quilts and her other site in her sidebar but take the time to look. Her work is just amazing.

For you EQ'ers out there, Geta designs with EQ software and plans tips and project sharing in the future. Geta is also planning to begin offering her patterns for sale. I hope soon!

So, visit with Geta awhile. She's an inspiration all by herself but when you see her quilts.....................Oh my!

Just one of Geta's beauties...........


  1. Amazing! Beautiful! I am struck with the similarities between this piece and a chip carved plate.

  2. I'm intriqued. I must google chip carved plate and see what I can see.

  3. She is a true artist. I love her work also and have been a visitor for months. I want to win her mini in the worst way! LOL

  4. Hi, Jean, yes I rarely enter contests for giveaways but I'd love to have even a small piece of Getta's. I think she's going to be very famous someday. Heck, she's already become a big presence in the quilting world.