Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not your usual history lessons...........

Do you love history, specifically quilting history? I'm always curious about traditional quilt patterns. Sometimes I'm concerned with copyrights and if a particular pattern is public domain but that's not the fun part. I'm always wondering who the woman was and what her life was like that thought up a particular design. Was she an artist at heart of was her design a happy accident? Did she make quilts because she loved the process or was it a necessity to keep her family warm? Did she make a business out of her quilting? Some did, you know, just like today.
Well, I stumbled upon the most interesting sites the other day. Actually, several sites chalk full of quilty history for us to soak up. Judy Anne Breneman has done all the work for us and compiled the most interesting articles from crazy quilts to quilts made with tobacco premiums (cigarette silk, cigar ribbon and tobacco flannel quilts) and everything in between.

About Judy: "I love quilts, quilting and most of all learning about the history of quilts.
The purpose of this site is to bring you short, informative articles on these topics.
Care has been given to be sure the history information is as accurate as possible and links are provided so that you can learn more on any given topic.
~Judy Anne"

If you haven't discovered Judy's websites and blog, I'd like to introduce them to you. Even if you're not a history buff, you'll love the wonderfully informative articles and discover some interesting facts about your favorite old patterns and how they've continued to be favorites thru the ages. You'll be offered a look into the past lives of our ancestors and why they quilted, what their everyday lives might be like, what types of fabrics could they afford to buy or the garments they had to recycle to make their "necessary quilts".

Judy can tell you from what era particular patterns originated and how things may or may not have changed in our world today. And if that's not enough, Judy offers some free patterns that she's re-designed using Electric Quilt. (I love Electric Quilt, also).

Do something for yourself today and take a few moments whenever you can and learn a bit about your beloved craft from Judy's easy reading articles. You'll be glad you did. I haven't scratched the surface of all her articles yet but they are on my daily reading list now.

Thank you, Judy for all you're sharing with us!
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  1. I love what Judy Anne Breneman writes about quilt history. Thanks for sharing about her.