Saturday, March 28, 2009

Felting in the Heartlands of Iowa

I'd like to introduce to you a talented felting artist. I wonder if there's a word for felt artist? Feltist?

Judy of JN Originals creates some of the nicest felted work I've seen, among other things. Judy hales from the Iowa Heartlands, aka DesMoines area.

A word from Judy:

"You'll seldom see me with empty hands. If I'm not crocheting or stitching, I'm hunched over
my sewing machine as I steer fabric over the feed dogs! I'm passionate about playing with color,
texture and pattern--and you'll see that love reflected in my shop as you browse through my
felted wool bags, crocheted scarves, coffee cup jackets, coasters, napkin rings and more."

If this recent winter storm has given you the burrrrry blues, feast your eyes on some "Spring" at JN Originals.

Take a look at some of Judy's artistry, ok, it's practical, too!

Some of Judy's other sites:
Word Walks -
Spark Lines -
The Fisherman's Net -

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